Become a Supporting Neighbor

Your financial support provides ongoing care for our Seniors, Veterans, and those who struggle paycheck to paycheck in our communities! 

Personal Hygiene

Personal Wipes/Toilet Paper


Hair Styling Products


Denture Paste/Denture Cleaner

Deodorant/Soap/Body Wash


Laundry Detergent/Dish Soap

Pet Supplies

Wet/dry Dog Food
Wet/Dry Cat Food
Cat/Dog Treats
Cat Litter
Chew Toys


Infant Formula
Cereals/Baby Food
Toddler Finger Foods
Graduates for Toddlers Meals
Baby Wipes/Baby Wash
Diapers Ups
Rash Creams/Lotions


Dairy Items

Milk - Whole/2%
Milk - Almond/Cashew/Soy
Farm Fresh Eggs & Egg Product
Cheese - Block/Sliced/Shredded
Butter & Margarine

Box Cereals/Breakfast Bars

Frozen Items

Single Serve Dinners
Family Size Dinners
Hot Pockets - Variety
Single Serve Pizzas

Full Size Pizzas
Potatoes - Variety
Fruits - Variety
Vegetables - Variety
Meats - Variety

Canned/Boxed Items

Soups - Variety
Vegetables - Variety
Fruits - Variety
Meats - Variety
Meal Helpers
Potatoes - Variety
Rice - Variety
Pasta - Variety
Beans - Variety

Beverage Items

Coffee - Variety
Teas - Variety
Hot Chocolate
Juice Boxes


Meat Items

Hamburger - Ground/Patty
Chicken - Whole/Piece
Fish - Variety
Pork - Variety
Beef - Variety

General Items

Flour & Mixes
Snack Foods

Non-Dairy Creamers