We opened our cupboard doors on May 12, 2018 in Penrose, Colorado
to provide a community resource for our neighbors that need a helping hand, and to ensure that no one goes hungry

while tackling the hardships that life may throw at them.

While we are not unique in what we provide,

we do take a different approach in how we provide it.

There is no qualification or referral needed to visit our cupboard.
Our neighbors are encouraged to shop for what they need and like.

Each week, we provide a variety of fresh produce and quality foods, from shelf to freezer.

Our cupboard is solely operated through the individual contributions and ongoing monetary support of fellow neighbors.

Our volunteers strive to provide a welcoming place to come,

have coffee or lemonade, relax, and take a break.

As our cupboard has grown, so has the number of neighbors who come to visit us. They leave us with a happier heart, knowing that when they need a neighbor, we are there for them. 

Welcome Neighbor's!

As fresh as it gets - From the farm to you

Mission Statement:

By utilizing and bringing together community resources Crosses for Losses/My Neighbor's Cupboard

will provide food and other assistance to individuals families and communities.
Our goal is to ensure no one goes without a basic need. 

Origination Overview:

We are a group of neighbors, friends, and family who are here to help rebuild communities one item at a time.
Our cupboard is run solely through the donations and gifts of others who believe in helping their neighbors.
Our staff is made up entirely of volunteers that have time to give, love to share and only wish to help. 

EIN 46-3491326